What type of property management services does HomeOwners Advantage provide?
In the residential sector, we manage residential condominiums, master associations, and apartment communities. In the commercial sector, we manage retail, office, and parking entities.

What is your typical average annual increase in homeowner dues?
We have averaged a below-market increase in all of our properties that we have created the budgets.

How does your organization create value in the properties you manage?
We work tirelessly to maintain and increase homeowner’s property value by focusing equally on the fiscal and aesthetic health of the property.

How does HomeOwners Advantage make living more comfortable/simple/rewarding in the communities managed?
Through a balanced focus of eliminating costs while promoting convenient services to the resident members.

What differentiates HomeOwners Adavantage from other property management companies?
HomeOwners Advantage has deep industry experience, particularly in the high-rise, mixed use urban environment. We have led the market with development of process, procedures and tools to effect positive change and set industry standards.

How has HomeOwners Advantage grown over the past 24 months?
We continue to lead the Atlanta city market and have invested into operating the portfolio sector with a different approach that focuses on customer service.

How many years has your company been servicing condominium associations in the Atlanta area?
We have been managing condominiums since 2001.

How many high-rise condominiums have you performed declarant turnover for?
We have managed over 30 developer transitions.