At HomeOwners Advantage, we understand that deciding where to live is one of the most important decisions a person can make. That is why we measure the worth of our business by the value of our relationships with homeowners, residents, and board members like you. Our approach is simple and effective: We customize an array of quality property management solutions to meet the unique needs, expectations, and fiscal realities of your community. Our services are included in a flat rate fee, so there are no hidden costs or “backdoor” charges. We apply our industry expertise and core competencies to achieve your goals and create maximum, measurable outcomes in the areas of:

  • Active and relentless management of property’s fiscal and aesthetic needs
  • Aggressive cost management
  • Consistent execution against efficient process driven operations
  • Exceptional customer services
  • Resourceful project management and problem solving
  • Excellent proactive communications
  • Providing our Boards with the information necessary to approve recommended actions
  • Assigning capable, well supported, professional on-site staff